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Durable Catnip Toys for Endless Feline Fun

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Natural Catnip Bliss

Unleash your cat's playful side with our catnip-infused toy, designed to bring out their natural instincts and provide hours of joy.

Durable Entertainment in Fun Designs and Vibrant Colours

Crafted with high-quality linen and cotton and available in five vibrant colours, this durable toy ensures long-lasting entertainment for your furry friend.

Endless Fun, Say Goodbye to Boredom

Transform playtime into an exciting adventure, reduce your cat's boredom, and strengthen your bond with our irresistible and entertaining catnip toy. Shop now for endless feline fun!



Key Features

• Comes in a variety of five colours.
• Genuine catnip sourced from nature.
• Aids in releasing accumulated energy.
• Premium linen and cotton for quality and durability.
• Breathable cotton allows the catnip scent to pass through.
• Effectively combats boredom, keeping cats engaged and entertained.


Our toys are crafted from cotton linen and filled with premium PP cotton and natural catnip.

Please Note

While our catnip-infused toy is designed to be durable, no toy is completely indestructible. Inspect the toy regularly for any signs of damage and replace it if necessary.