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Smart Interactive Cat Ball Toy for Endless Play and Thrills

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Whimsical Play with Obstacle Avoidance

Elevate your cat's playtime with our smart interactive cat ball toy. The obstacle avoidance feature ensures continuous excitement as the ball cleverly manoeuvres around objects, keeping your furry friend captivated.

Durable and Engaging Silicone Design

Crafted from resilient silicone, this automatic ball toy is perfect for wooden floors or tiles. Designed to withstand enthusiastic play, it guarantees durability while providing your cat with a delightful and engaging play experience.

Smart and Normal Mode Thrills: Endless Entertainment

Immerse your cat in an adventure with the smart mode. Activate it with a simple press and hold, and watch as the ball moves and sporadically shakes, providing continuous entertainment until the battery runs out. Switch effortlessly between modes for hours of fun without the need for batteries.

Normal Mode: Playful Engagements

In normal mode, simply press the power button to activate the smart interactive cat ball. The built-in light signals that the ball is ready to roll. After a few seconds, the ball starts to move and shake on its own. Place it on the floor, and watch as your cat is enticed to run, swat, and pounce after the playful ball, providing a fantastic outlet for burning off excess energy. After five minutes of dynamic play, the ball will automatically turn off, requiring you to press the power button again to reactivate movement.

Smart Mode: Continuous Thrills

For a different level of excitement, enter the smart mode by pressing the power button and holding it for three seconds until the light turns on. In smart mode, when you place the ball on the floor, it initiates continuous movement and sporadic shaking. Unlike normal mode, the smart ball will persistently entertain your cat until the battery runs out. To switch back to normal mode, press and hold the power button for two seconds.

Shop Now for Endless Fun with Our Interactive Toy

Both modes offer unique play experiences, catering to different preferences and energy levels of your feline friend. Shop now for endless fun and an interactive toy like no other!



Key Features

• Dual intelligent modes.
• Crafted from resilient silicone.
• Built-in obstacle avoidance feature.
• Floor-friendly without scratching or damage.
• Rechargeable via cable, no need for batteries.



Please Note

The smart ball can be powered off entirely only when in normal mode.