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Suction Lick Mats: Happy Pets, Slow Meals, Joyful Baths

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Engaging Distraction for Happy Baths

Make bath time a joy for your furry friend with our innovative Suction Lick Mats. Watch as the high-quality silicone mat not only slows down their eating, ensuring better digestion, but turns each bath into a playful experience. Keep your pet entertained and make bath time a breeze for both of you.

Convenience Meets Entertainment

Bid farewell to the challenges of pet bathing with our Suction Lick Mats. Designed for convenience, simply place your dog's favourite treats on the mat, turning mealtime and grooming sessions into moments of joy.

Innovative Design, Happy Pups

Revolutionise your pet care and mealtime routine with our Suction Lick Mats. The innovative design not only adds a layer of entertainment but also promotes healthy eating habits for your pet. Shop now for a happy pup and stress-free pet care.



Key Features

• Crafted from food-grade silicone.
• Offers mental stimulation for your pet.
• Potential stress relief during bath time.
• Boasts durability and a long-lasting design.


Food grade silicone.

Please Note

It is recommended that you supervise your pet during mealtime, especially if they are vigorous chewers. Additionally, regularly inspect our lick mats for any signs of wear and tear and replace it if damaged to prevent potential hazards.