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Compact Portable Pet Water Bottle

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The safety of your pets is our greatest priority.


Effortless Hydration On-the-Go

Say goodbye to doggy dehydration with our revolutionary water bottle. The collapsible upper section ensures convenience during your leisurely strolls. Effortlessly carry this must-have accessory and keep your furry friend hydrated with a simple squeeze!

Portable Convenience Redefined

Experience unmatched convenience on your picnics, travel adventures, beach outings, and park excursions. Our bottle's collapsible upper section is a game-changer, offering portability like never before. Elevate your outings with a practical and stylish solution for your canine companion's hydration needs.

Leak-Proof Confidence, Anywhere, Anytime

Worried about leaks? Fear not! Our water bottle features a secure locking mechanism, ensuring no spills when not in use. Enjoy peace of mind during your journeys, knowing you can provide your dog with refreshing hydration wherever your adventures take you. Shop now to upgrade your dog's hydration game!

Shop with Confidence

Your pet's happiness is our top priority. Enjoy our 30-day money-back guarantee – if you or your pet aren't completely satisfied.


With collapsible cup open.

Cup Width:

Key Features

• 520ML water capacity.
• Crafted from 100% safe materials.
• Free from BPA for your pet's safety.
• Engineered with a leak-proof design.
• Detachable parts for effortless cleaning.
• Attached wristlet for easy, hands-free carrying.


Constructed from BPA-Free High-Density Polyethylene, our product offers a perfect blend of durability while being lightweight.

Please Note

To prevent any potential leakages, always ensure the lock mechanism is tuned when the water bottle is not in use.