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Expandable Comfort: A Multifunctional Pet Carrier for Ultimate Convenience

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Expandable Comfort: Multifunctional Pet Carrier

Discover the ultimate pet travel solution with our Multifunctional Pet Carrier. Unzip the sides for an extra 23.9cm of space, providing a comfortable and spacious haven for your small dog, cat, or kitten. The detachable pad offers dual-sided comfort for varying weather conditions.

Connected Journeys: Extendable Mesh Pet Carrier

Experience connected travels with our Extendable Mesh Pet Carrier. Mesh windows on all sides, including the front, back, and top, ensure your furry friend sees you at all times, fostering comfort and security. The carrier's extension feature offers added ventilation for a relaxed journey.

Nighttime Ease: Reflective Compact Pet Carrier

Locate and open your pet's carrier with ease at night, thanks to the Reflective Compact Pet Carrier. The attached reflective band on the front enhances visibility. When not in use, effortlessly collapse the carrier to a semi-flat size, embodying a space-saving and compact design. Order now and embark on worry-free adventure with your pet!

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Front Entrance:

Expandable Width:

Key Features

• Resistant to wear and biting.
• Suitable for small dogs and cats.
• Features breathable mesh windows.
• Crafted from waterproof Oxford material.
• Lightweight yet extremely durable material.
• Smart design that expands and folds easily.
• Equipped with durable zippers and an inner safety belt.


Durable waterproof oxford material.

Please Note

To avoid any disappointment with sizing, please measure your pet first before purchasing our pet carrier and compare to our size chart image.