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Happy Pet Silicone Bath Brush

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Effortless Pet Grooming: Introducing Our Silicone Bath Brush

Simplify pet care with our Silicone Bath Brush, an easy solution for furry clean-ups. Open the lid, fill with your dog's favourite shampoo, and let the soft silicone bristles create a delightful bath experience. Ideal for paws or a full massage, the square brush and ergonomic handle make grooming a breeze. Perfect for all pets, young and old, and particularly beneficial for those with long hair.

Versatile Grooming Tool: Our Multifunctional Silicone Brush

Experience convenience with our Multifunctional Silicone Bath Brush, designed for a spa-like pet grooming routine. A must-have for all pets, from playful puppies to long-haired companions. Elevate bath time by pairing it with our suction lick mats for added engagement.

Ultimate Bath Companion: Silicone Bath Brush Magic

More than a grooming tool, it's a game-changer in pet care. Whether a quick paw cleanse or a deep massage, this brush is efficient and joy-inducing. Especially beneficial for older pets, puppies, and those with long hair, it effortlessly brushes away loose fur. Shop now for hassle-free bath times for you and your pet!





Key Features

• Sturdy, yet lightweight design for lasting durability.
• Ideal for long-haired, senior, and puppy companions.
• Effectively removes excess loose pet hair for a tidy finish.
• Gentle and flexible bristles ensure a thorough and comfortable clean.
• Convenient silicone handle for efficient bathing and easy hanging after use.


Soft, yet durable silicone.

Please Note

Ensure that the bath brush is thoroughly cleaned and dried after each use to maintain hygiene.