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Irresistible Donut Tunnel Cat Toy for Endless Kitty Fun

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Irresistible Playtime: Donut Tunnel Toy

Elevate your cat's playtime with our donut tunnel toy. The unique shape and texture captivate their hunting instincts, ensuring endless entertainment. Keep your furry friend active and mentally engaged in a fun and exciting way.

Easy Installation & Durable Design

Our donut tunnel toy is not only entertaining but also practical. Easy to install and disassemble, it offers convenience for both you and your feline friend. The compact design allows effortless storage when not in use. Plus, its durable construction withstands even the most energetic play sessions, ensuring long-lasting joy for your cat.

Play, Rest, & Sleep: The Ultimate Kitty Haven

More than a toy, it's a haven for play, rest, and sleep. Your cat deserves the best, and our donut tunnel delivers. Enrich their life with this irresistible, durable, and engaging toy. Shop now and watch your kitty thrive!


Length: 51CM.
Height: 20CM.

Length: 60CM.
Height 26CM.

Key Features

• Suitable for cats of various sizes.
• Multifunctional design for versatile use.
• Easy and quick assembly and disassembly.
• Stable double-layer structure ensures durability.
• Crafted from durable and breathable coral fleece material.


Constructed from breathable coral fleece.

Please Note

Ideal for indoor play, our compact and easy-to-install design provides a cosy haven for your cat's entertainment.