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Minimal Pet Slicker Brush

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Effortless Grooming Delight: Stainless-Steel Slicker Brush

Uncover the joy of grooming your pet with our Stainless-Steel Slicker Brush. Crafted for ultimate furry care, its anti-slip ridged handle ensures a secure grip. The flexible 60-degree bent bristles make brushing a breeze, creating a seamless experience for both you and your beloved pet. Choose from seven stylish colours and enjoy the convenience of the one-push button for easy hair release and compression.

Durable Beauty for Your Furry Friend: Ideal for Dogs and Cats

Experience grooming perfection with our Stainless-Steel Slicker Brush, designed for both dogs and cats. Robust durability meets style as you select from seven chic colours. The one-push button simplifies hair release and compression, offering effective hair removal and easy disposal. Embrace the bond with your pet through a grooming tool that combines elegance with functionality.

Minimal Slicker Brilliance: Elevate Your Pet's Grooming Routine

The 60-degree bent bristles effortlessly groom your pet's fur, ensuring a smooth brushing experience with no more snagged pet hair! Shop now and transform grooming into a delightful ritual for you and your cherished furry companion.

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Key Features

• Stylishly available in seven colours.
• Stainless-steel bristles for durability.
• Anti-slip ridged handle ensures a secure grip.
• Versatile design suitable for both cats and dogs.
• Effortlessly brush with the efficiency of a 60-degree bristle bend.
• Convenient one-push button for easy release and compact storage of pet hair.


Plastic and stainless-steel.

Please Note

Regularly clean the brush to maintain its effectiveness and prevent the buildup of loose hair.