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Navy Gingham Dog Collar Bow Tie Set

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Elevate Your Pet's Style with our Navy Gingham Dog Collar Set

Unlock a world of pet fashion with our exquisite dog collar set. It's not just about special occasions; it's about celebrating your pet's unique personality daily. The classic navy gingham pattern enhances your pet's charm. The adjustable collar with side clasp ensures a perfect fit, while the metal hardware adds durability. This set is available in five sizes, catering to pets of all sizes.

Personalised Elegance

Imagine your pet's daily walks transformed into stylish outings with this navy gingham dog collar set. It's more than an accessory; it's a statement of your pet's individuality, making every day a special occasion.

Adjustable Comfort and Durability

The collar is designed for comfort with an easy-to-adjust side clasp, while the metal hardware ensures longevity. The D-ring hook allows effortless lead attachment, providing security during walks.

Elevate Your Dog's Style Every Day with Our Navy Gingham Collar Set

Elevate every moment with our stylish collar set, whether it's a regular walk or a special event. Shop now and pamper your furry companion with the best in pet fashion today and celebrate their uniqueness with our navy gingham collar set.


Collar: Adjustable Length & Width:

Extra Small: 23CM - 30CM, 2CM.
Small: 31CM - 41CM, 2CM.
Medium: 42CM - 48CM, 2.5CM.
Large: 49CM - 55CM, 2.5CM.
Extra Large: 56CM - 62CM, 2.5CM.

Lead: Length & Width:

Extra Small: 110CM, 2CM.
Small: 110CM, 2CM.
Medium: 120CM, 2.5CM.
Large: 120CM, 2.5CM.
Extra Large: 120CM, 2.5CM.

Key Features

• Elevate your pet's style and charm on a daily basis with the navy gingham dog collar set.
• Adjustable collar with side clasp for a comfortable fit, complemented by zinc alloy hardware for long-lasting use.
• Express your pet's unique personality and make every day a special occasion with this stylish bow tie collar set.
• Choose from five sizes to cater to pets of various sizes and breeds.


Our dog collar set is made from durable polyester, offering a lightweight design and quick-drying convenience for your pet's comfort and your peace of mind. The hardware is crafted from durable light gold zinc alloy, which combines corrosion resistance, strength, and a sleek finish.

Please Note

Before you make your purchase, take a moment to measure your pet's neck and check our size guide. Make sure there's enough space for your furry friend to feel comfortable with at least one finger's width between the collar and their neck.