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Stylish Ceramic Pet Bowls with Eco-Friendly Bamboo Base

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Enhance Your Home with Stylish Ceramic Bowls and Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bases: Convenience and Hygiene

Imagine a beautifully designed addition to your home that not only complements your decor but also elevates your pet's dining experience. Our ceramic bowls with eco-friendly bamboo bases offer this perfect blend of style, convenience, and hygiene, and with minimal pastel colours to seamlessly fit into any home.

Convenience and Hygiene at its Best

Tired of mealtime messes? Say goodbye to spills and slips with our thoughtfully designed bowls featuring an anti-slip bamboo base. This ensures that your pet's dining area remains tidy and secure, enhancing your daily routine. When it's time for clean-up, you'll appreciate the convenience of simply placing these bowls in the dishwasher. We prioritise your pet's well-being with antibacterial properties that create a pristine and hygienic dining environment.

Why Wait? Elevate Your Pet's Dining Experience Today!

Upgrade your pet's mealtime with our High-Quality Ceramic Bowls. Your furry friend deserves the best, and our bowls offer style, durability, convenience, and hygiene all in one. It's the perfect choice for both you and your pet, making every meal a special occasion.


Capacity of Bowls:

Small: 400ML
Medium: 850ML

Single Bowl Dimensions (without base):

Diameter: 13CM
Height: 5CM

Single Bowl Dimensions (without base):

Diameter: 15.5CM
Height: 7CM

Single Tray Dimensions (small):

Width: 14.8CM

Double Tray Dimensions (small):

Length: 29.8CM
Width: 14.8CM

Single Tray Dimensions (medium):

Width: 17.5CM

Double Tray Dimensions (medium):

Length: 35.5CM
Width: 17.5CM

Three Tray Dimensions (small):

Length: 45CM
Width: 14.8CM

Three Tray Dimensions (medium):

Length: 53.5CM
Width: 17.5CM

Key Features

• Fits seamlessly into any decor.
• These ceramic bowls are both stylish and built to last.
• Anti-slip base, dishwasher-safe material, plus antibacterial.
• Upgrade your pet's dining experience with style, durability, and hygiene.


Ceramic Bowls, Eco-Friendly Bamboo Base.

Please Note

Dishwasher safe ceramic bowls for easy cleaning.