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Ceramic Paw Print Slow Feeder Bowl

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Discover the Ceramic Slow Feeder Bowl Difference

Experience mealtime transformation with our unique ceramic slow feeder bowl. Designed with a charming paw print pattern, it's not just about style—it's about preventing digestive issues, bloating, and vomiting. The wood base adds an elegant touch, raising the bowl for a comfortable and hygienic feeding experience.

Comfort and Durability

Elevate your furry friend's bowl off the ground with the wooden base, reducing neck strain and ensuring a comfortable eating position. The ceramic material is non-porous and anti-bacterial, guaranteeing a hygienic surface. It's durable, anti-slip, and resistant to chipping, making it a lasting addition to your pet's daily routine.

A Must Have Ceramic Slow Feeder Bowl

Imagine the joy in your pet's eyes as they indulge in an engaging, healthy, and stylish dining experience. Elevate their mealtime with a ceramic slow feeder bowl that's not just functional but a piece of art. Your furry friend deserves the best— Shop now and nurture their well-being and happiness with our must-have ceramic slow feeder bowl.


Ceramic Bowl Capacity: 450ML.

Ceramic Bowl:
Length: 15.8CM.
Heigth: 5CM.

Bamboo Base:
Length: 20.2CM.
Height: 6CM.

Key Features

• Slows down eating pace, preventing digestive issues, bloating, and vomiting.
• Charming paw print pattern and wooden base for a stylish and comfortable mealtime.
• Non-porous, anti-bacterial ceramic material for a clean surface, and it's resistant to chipping. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
• Promotes relaxed and enjoyable dining experiences for your pet, reducing rushed meals.


Ceramic bowl and resilient composite wood base.

Please Note

Ideal for small to medium-sized pets.