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Handheld & Suction Teaser Wands

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Engaging Bonding Moments: Handheld Teaser Wand Fun

Experience the joy of interactive play and strengthen your bond with the handheld teaser wands. Share playful moments and create lasting memories with your furry companion.

Thrilling Solo Play: Suction Cup Wands for Independent Cats

Let your cat embark on thrilling solo adventures with our suction cup wands. The secure attachment to the floor ensures hours of independent play, igniting their hunting instincts.

Feathered Excitement: Additional Attachments for Varied Play

Explore added excitement with a variety of feather bird attachments. Enhance playtime with captivating designs and flexible wire, providing endless entertainment for your curious cat. Shop our teaser wands now and elevate your cats playtime, health, and happiness.


Handle Length:

Attachment Length:

Key Features

• Choose from two distinct wand types.
• Ideal for interactive or independent play.
• Explore extra attachments for added variety.
• Enjoy the flexible wire, replicating real prey movements.
• Opt for the handheld model to strengthen the bond with your cat.


The suction cup is crafted from PVC, providing durability and resilience. The wand is made of sturdy metal for added strength.

Please Note

Handheld wands, suction cup wands, and attachments are available for individual purchase.